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Last Update Monday, January 16, 2017

HEDC in the Nutshell

HEDC International is a proudly independent organization that has never sought or received external support or funding. Since its inception in 1999, HEDC International has provided training to more than 300,000 men, women, youths and children in Cambodia. 

HEDC development services comprises of Capacity Building, Consultancy and Facilitation. Our training program are focused primarily on developing leadership skills, including Transformational Leadership. Critical and Creative Thinking, Participatory Planning, Communication and Facilitation, Community Development, Human Resource Development, and Conflict Management and Resolution. In response to the needs created ASEAN Integration HEDC starts to provide Management Skills training in 2016. 

Over the past 16 years, HEDC International has provided services to Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies, most International and Multinational, Development and Funding Agencies, major Local and International NGOs, Secondary and Tertiary Education Sector, the Private Sector and the general public. As part of its social contribution initiative, HEDC has established “Project Light” to assist the vulnerable, disadvantaged and disenfranchised member of society. 

Outside Cambodia, HEDC International has also provide services to projects and organizations in the ASEAN region including Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore. 

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