HEDC Brief Profile
Last Update Monday, January 15, 2018

HEDC International is a fully registered self-sustaining Non Government Organization that has provided capacity building and consultancy services to government, international and local development agencies and organizations, companies, communities, education sector and public individuals since 1999. 


“Cambodia is a proud, peaceful and prosperous nation”

Cambodia is a proud, peaceful and prosperous nation living in harmony with the earth and her neighbors; where the dignity, freedom and rights of all citizens are protected and upheld by  the law of the land, and human potentials and achievements are recognized, nurtured and rewarded by the leaders in all sectors, giving her one of the highest living standard in the world and making her the most desirable place to live.


“Building leadership for the future”

To empower men, women and children from all levels of society to effectively lead and efficiently manage their personal, organizational and national growth and development.


HEDC International is committed to serve people consistently with the five principles

of the Law of Universal Governance, namely:

Change – HEDC is committed to excellence and continuous quality improvement  in all areas of training and human development services.

Differentiation - HEDC is an equal opportunity organization, respecting human dignity and serving individuals and communities regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, or social, economic and physical challenges.

Unity - HEDC’s success is built on love and genuine and lasting relationship founded on excellent service, trust and respect.

Self-Regulation – HEDC promotes a mutually enhancing human-earth relationship, puts people before profit, and places integrity above expediency and all else.

Expansion – HEDC believes in the highest human potential and aspires to develop women, men and  children  into outstanding leaders for the future.


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