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Last Update Monday, January 15, 2018

HEDC International provides consultancy services for designing, implementing and evaluating governance, human resource development, rural development, small business, education, women empowerment, agriculture and aquaculture, environment, disaster recovery and rehabilitation projects and researches. These are the list of the courses: 
  •         Project Identification
  •       Project Design
  •       Feasibility Study
  •         Project Implementation and Management
  •         Monitoring, Coaching and Evaluation
  •       Disaster Relief, Recovery and Rehabilitation
  •         Women Empowerment
  •         Agriculture Development and Extension   
  •         Youth Development
  •         Fishery & Aqua Culture Development and Extension
  •         Small Business Development and Implementation
  •         Community Development Research and Survey Services
  •         Human Resource Development and Management
  •         Conflict Management and Resolution
  •         Training of Trainers (TOT)
  •         Curriculum development
  •         Training/Learning Video Production

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